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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Articulated vehicle’s tyres kill vulcanizer, injure others in Osogbo

A vulcanizer, simply identified as Bolaji, was on Saturday killed, after loose stray tyres from an articulated vehicle knocked him down in front of his vulcaniser stand, at Fakunle Area, Osogbo, Osun.

It was gathered that the accident, which occurred at about 7.00 a.m, left many sympathisers traumatised, as the head of the deceased was reportedly broken by the impact of the tyres.

An eyewitness, who was lucky to have escaped being knocked down by the tyres, explained that the two tyres, attached to a rim, bounced over his head and knocked down the vulcanizer, who was standing in front of him.

He said the tyres later bounced off, after hitting the vulcaniser, to knock down a woman that was selling food close to the vulcanizer, and her daughter.

“I and my friend Murphy were jisting with the vulcaniser, where he was brushing his teeth with a chewing stick, before a woman that was travelling to Ore/Ondo called him for direction.

“It was while giving direction to the woman that the tyres flew off from the vehicle, knocked him down and killed him instantly.

“If he had not gone to attend to the woman, he would not have been hit by the tyres.” he said.

It is reported that the driver is now being detained by the police at the station, with the vehicle.

However, the other two persons knocked down by the tyres, had been taken to Osun State University Teaching Hospital, where they are reported to be recuperating and treated.

The late vulcanizer’s corpse is also said to have been removed by his family members.

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