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Thursday, March 23, 2023

NCoS destroys N150m contraband seized from inmates

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) has destroyed items it confiscated from its various Custodial Centres across the nation worth over N150 million.

Service Spokesman, ACC Abubakar Danlami Umar disclosed that the prohibited items which were seized over time via the proactive measures and routine search of cells by officers and men of the Service were destroyed at its National Headquarters, Abuja.

Some of the items included cell phones, sim cards, laptops, hard drugs, power banks and other electronic devices considered as contraband for inmates in custody.

According to him, the Controller General of Corrections CGC, Haliru Nababa before setting the items ablaze said his action was in fulfillment of Sections 51 & 52 of the Service Standing Orders SO.

He thereafter thanked the Officers for their display of professionalism and assured the public that the Service will not relent in efforts towards ridding all Custodial Centres of prohibited items.

Nababa further stressed that searching of cells will be a continuous exercise to ensure that inmates in Custody comply with standard operating procedures designed to enhance rehabilitation and reformatory programmes. 

According to him, "returning the inmates back to the society as self-sustaining persons and employers of labour is paramount in the agenda of the Service at this time".

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