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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

A New Nigeria! The Players Their Roles And Who The Real Accidental King Maker Is

By Victor Olusegun Oluwole 

Today we create a celebratory wall. Lest we ever forget the role they all played to get us here. 
President Buhari, even though Asiwaju was his preferred candidate, he was neutral but went further to impose a needed but untimely monetary policy causing serious hardship on the electorate and heavily denting his candidate's goodwill in the country. No one today has had any reason to accuse the president of any form of interference favourably towards his candidate throughout the process, and rightly so.

VP Osinbajo, a quiet pastor, professor and SAN with very limited political exposure was handed the Vice Presidency on a diamond platter. Severely under achieved politically as the true political value was never felt by his Remo constituents. He struggled to outwit the very powerful cabal surrounding his boss. It is safe to say he played safe. However, he didn't feel playing safe against his benefactor was necessary as he confronted Asiwaju but lost to a higher political firepower and a strategist per excellence. Many have suggested his actions were a clear betrayal and a show of ingratitude to the man whom God used to elevate him. However, on a brighter note, he managed to deliver Ogun State at the Presidential election and has Gov. Dapo Abiodun to thank for that. 

CBN Gov. Emefiele, now known by the several cannibalised versions of his name. Elemi-emere (one with an evil spirit) is one of the most popular ones. This man has got crazy balls. The first CBN Governor who wanted to transform and become President. He already had branded campaign cars waiting. He even bought a form but was banned from contesting. It was therefore easy, unscrupulously and surreptitiously convenient for him to be the errand boy of the Aso Rock cabal, who were hellbent in their insatiable desire to ensure another Fulani man succeeds this current President. So, his job was to ensure the imposition of a very badly implemented monetary policy upon an already struggling nation. His actions have caused his political party great losses at the polls. He almost cost Asiwaju the Presidency too.

INEC Chairman Mahmood Yakubu perhaps the most 
composed, collected and calm human being I've seen, displayed just the right temperament for the job he's been hired to do. Trust me, I probably would have taken off my Abgada quietly, bend over to speak into the microphone and ask Dino Melaye to meet me backstage for a fight. Nonsense! The man kept explaining simple basic procedural guidelines to that ineffectual buffoon, just to make him understand that even though his objections were duly noted, the process must run it's course and thereafter, any dissatisfied party could then seek redress. We must thank the INEC Chairman for smoothly navigating our nation through such a highly sensitive and demanding electoral process. A lot more could have been done to save precious time and money and to reassure the various parties about INECS processes. I do not understand why state electoral commissioners have to travel all the way to Abuja just to present some numbers. Microsoft Team/Zoom and many other applications could have been utilised for that purpose, right from their State bases across the country. 

Atiku Abubakar - the former Vice President, I will not dwell much upon. However, it is significantly expedient to recognise him here. Not just for the many times he's ran for office to become Nigeria's President and failed but more importantly, for the role he's played in determining the texture and setting the tone for this unprecedented Presidential election. One must note that he took these actions inadvertently. Had he known however, that throwing his weight around and imposing himself upon the PDP, albeit via an organised party primary would do two things that have eventually and inevitably charted a new course for Nigeria's politics today and ostensibly brought his active political participation to an end, the former President would most probably have had a rethink.

Peter Obi entered the brand new fearful, phenomenal and much needed third political force into the Nigerian political sphere. This movement of the Nigerian people against those politicians and political parties that have over the years since democracy, failed to bring much needed relief and promised change to the extremely deprived and oppressed people of our nation. The much awaited third force some of us have called for in various writings and several political discourse. Now, who knew that all it was ever going to take to create that third force was Atiku Abubakar's insatiable thirst for the Presidency. All he needed to do was to push Peter Obi out of the PDP and all Peter Obi required was a platform to speak to the Nigerian youth about how differently he intends to rule the nation, compared to the waste and greed that has characterised our nation's politics since our democracy re-commenced with President Obasanjo in 1999. The greed and insensitivity of our very powerful and extremely corrupt politicians which fuelled the End SARS protests against police brutality remains everso fresh and so, it was quite easy for the tired, trampled and understandably angry young Nigerians to align with Peter Obi. Even though some of us had imagined that this third force movement was going to be led by a younger and radical Nigerian who unlike Obi has never been in Government, one must however concede the fact that Obi has come to stay and is undoubtedly a mighty earthquake in Nigeria's political sphere. He who stands today or better still, he who has won today must realize that the Obidient movement is growing rapidly and will consume any failing politician and their political party. Congratulations to Mr Peter Obi for this movement that has imposed fear in the minds of politicians across Nigeria. 

The G5 Governors is another inadvertent or accidental political mastermind of the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar. His failure to adequately manage these powerful State Governors led by a very influencial Governor Nyesom Wike within his camp after a hard fought PDP primary election, inevitably determined his political fate. The PDP primary election was characterized by very deep rooted betrayals, leading to a walk out by these deeply dissatisfied Governors, indeed opened the door of an unprecedented opportunity for a south-western political heavyweight Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be elected President. The previous two who fought to achieve the same fit following his path never got to this point. He is now the President Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Clearly, God uses even your greatest opponents to elevate you whenever he wants to make you whatever he wishes.

In his Acceptance Speech which I stayed up for overnight, the President Elect was clearly elated as he bantered with his party faithfuls. Thanking them for their hard-work and dedication. He however, reminded them that the APC now has a "serious mandate" to heal and build Nigeria. He asked his opponents to join him in his nation building plans tagged "Renewed Hope". "I have heard you, I will be your servant and not your leader" and he went further to make ground breaking declarations to Nigerian youths promising "I will take care of your education. We will give you education credits. Your four year courses will be for four years and there will be no more strike actions.” The President Elect went further to thank  President Buhari describing him as a patriot and then he thanked his wife Senator Oluremi Tinubu and cautioned that he was no longer willing to lend her to serve as a Senator as he jokingly remarked, "She will now be beside me as my housewife in the other room and the First Lady of Nigeria.”


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