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Friday, February 24, 2023

Obi’s not our presidential candidate- CAST

The Campaign for Socialist Transformation, CAST, Nigeria, Friday, vehemently denied adopting the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Peter Obi ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

Disassociating itself from Obi’s quest to be president of Nigeria, the National Coordinator, CAST- Nigeria Campaign Organisation, Comrade Jaye Gaskia, during a webinar media conference to make CAST-Nigeria’s position known, said Obi lacks the leadership qualities to lead Nigerian workers.

Gaskia further stated that the Labour Party has now turned out to be a refugee camp for politicians who have no place to hide their heads, especially big parties.

According to him, the Obi-led Labour party’s policies in its manifesto are purely anti-people, and that Obi is yet to respond to issues surrounding minimum wage for Nigerian workers.

He said: “The Labour Party as it is constituted has become a refugee camp for people that have left major ruling parties. Up to today, in spite of on and off engagements with the party by the labour centers themselves, the candidate and arrow head of the Labour Party candidacy is still studying the workers charter of demand and has not made a response to it.

“The workers’ charter of demand is talking about what workers need. Even on minimum wage, there has been no coherent response on it, therefore it is not a party that we can support right now, so until we have a mass workers party, until workers own and control the party, it would be difficult.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman, CAST Nigeria, Prof Omotoye Olorode, pointed out that the components of the Labour Party have no beating with the Nigerian labour movement.

 Olorode blasted LP’s leadership for being the same with those of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, based on their policies, and added that the Labour Party is under the whims and caprices of bourgeois.

“They both want an increment in fuel prices, devaluation of the currency, privatisation and all manners of anti-people programs as dictated. So we cannot in any way say that we should queue behind such fellows in any way. In respect to the Labour Party option being put forward”, he said.

According to CAST Nigeria, “In Nigeria today, living and surviving has become such a very nearly impossible task. Prices of basic necessities are soaring out of the reach of ordinary people, while the overwhelming majority of the working peoples and toiling masses are unable to access and afford basic services –such as in Education, Health, Humane Housing, public transportation, energy to for domestic and business consumption, security and safety for the person and property, and among other things. We can truly say, we have never had so bad!

“And as we approach another General Election in 2023, the Main Political Parties, the Major Candidates of these Ruling Class  political parties, and so-called well- meaning ruling class politicians and representatives of the ruling class, will come to us and begin to spin stories about how as a nation we have made progress, how as a people our conditions have been improved, how nevertheless, we could have performed better, and why they are the chosen ones, selected by the gods, to come to our rescue, fix the gaps, correct the errors, take us to new and higher heights, and salvage our country!

“They will point to us as indication of progress, that we have conducted several general elections; that we have had many different governments, and even had the instance of a defeated incumbent government and ruling party, hand over power to a victorious opponent and opposition party! Yes, progress indeed!”

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