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Friday, February 17, 2023

A Campaign Different From "Balablu Bulaba"

Victor Olusegun Oluwole 

So far, to the shaggering of his detractors and those who wish him ill health. To the shame of the few bad eggs who chose to thread the path of shameful betrayals against him. Asiwaju has indeed ran a commendable campaign, one that depicts utmost respect and regard for the people of Nigeria and one he and indeed his party the APC should be proud of. Quite ironic it is that the same candidate whose health is constantly questioned and who is the most vilified and scrutinised candidate is also the one who has shown the most respect for this electioneering process. He has been the most consistent and has not taken anything for granted, he isn't expecting a coronation either. He has out campaigned and out traveled everyone else seeking that office right from even before the APC primaries.

Interestingly enough, those Fulani boys he put in Aso Rock aren't offering him a coronation anyway, in fact, they hit the panic button when they realised Asiwaju had become unstoppable. His relentless campaign rallies have traversed our entire nation and is still ongoing, in the last few days, much as I have tried, I have failed to successfully keep track of his state to state junketing across Nigeria. Exactly what someone who has been waiting in the queue for leadership does. He has taken his "Renewed Hope" manifesto to the farthest terrains of our lands and their peoples. It hasn't been easy having to explain to the electorate the failings of this current administration which he installed but has no influence over.

However, since their conspiracy to betray him came to light, he has now been left with no choice but to speak up. This conspiracy is so thick and disturbing that a sitting Northern governor has just delivered a seriously devastating state speech asking the people of Kaduna the state he governs to disregard the illegal national Presidential speech delivered by President Buhari yesterday. These are indeed very interesting and appalling times for our nation and our people. As I write this morning, news reaching me is that isolated unrest all over the country.

The question must be asked, how much persuasion did the President need to make him deliver such a speech riddled with seriously unbelievable contempt of a clear Supreme court ruling few days prior?. A President who before now rode on the wings of "the rule of law" coming out on national television to tell Nigerians that his own self fabricated rule on a monetary policy being poorly implemented against the struggling people of our nation is more supreme than a Supreme Court ruling.

Despite all of these, Asiwaju has  has not mobilised a gang of Yoruba thugs to the north to to go and chant war songs on the streets of Abuja and Katsina despite this ongoing conspiracy against his Presidential aspiration. Rather, he has ran a diligent, relentless and  beautiful campaign compared to his closest opponent Atiku who has totally given up on campaigning and is helplessly relying on a fumbling president and the conspirators using him in Aso Rock to literally install him as President. 

A presidential candidate who does not care if Nigeria burns, as long as his co conspirators manage to use this monetary policy desperation to create anarchy in the country all in the bid to turn the Nigerian people against Asiwaju and blame him for installing those who brought them pain. What a way to attempt to ruin the aspiration of a man who took nothing from you to bring you to power and took nothing from you throughout your two terms in office. 

The silver lining however, is that there are still beautiful people in the North, loyal, dependable and very steadfast friends who in the first place through the northern governorship forum decided that the North had taken it's turn and insisted on a shift of power to the South. This brand of regional political synergy isn't bought and it definitely isn't one you attain by chanting war songs in someone else's state. They are formed through decades of political cooperation, understanding, sacrifice and true friendships, some are built over decades. 

Clearly, the "Nsogbu Sogbu" campaign seem to think they've got it all figured out. Their political ignorance is as brutally painful and unfortunate as the campaign they have been running. Even their principal, the one for whom they campaign knows this could not possibly be the way that leads to the attainment of a collectively desired Southeastern Presidency. It's been suggested that the Rockstar knows he's going nowhere but he is intent on playing a disruptive political game to gain relevance once he returns to the PDP where he came from. 

Quite interestingly, just a couple of days ago, his former principal and the same man who denied him the opportunity to run under his original political party the PDP has outlandishly and superlatively declared that he and none other is the pathway to an Igbo Presidency in the future. That is for me, the most ridiculous political claim ever made. The same man who sent the rockstar packing from a truly national party murdering his chances if any at all, suddenly coming out to make such a claim? 

The APC will counter the Rockstar's disruptive political move by building on Governor Soludo's inevitable emergence as the true beautiful bride of the East. Soludo will demystify Obi and end his rockstar ride of fame amongst those who have turned this rightful bid of the East for power to a tribal battle by singing their provocative chants of war on the streets of Lagos. These guys were busy all last weekend showing us how they were attacked in Lagos, what they forgot to show the world was that they began to post videos of themselves online challenging and calling out MC Oluomo and his boys. 

Yes they came to Lagos to not just campaign but to self harm and then cry at the sight of their own blood. Some even stated that there was no such incident in Anambra when Asiwaju went there to campaign. Well, that's the difference between a campaign of indecorous "Balablu Bulaba" and a well thought out strategic national campaign. 

Yes, I said it! Learn from the master, did you see Asiwaju's massive rally in Imo state, Anambra and other Eastern city's? That's how it's done you political rascals. You don't go to someone's house singing war songs and calling them out on social media. When you go visiting someone's domain, you conduct and comport yourself with decorum and dignity. Those boys you went to challenge in Lagos are not those of us online opinion moulders and Analysts on whose FB or Instagram pages you can come and be abusive without consequence. They aren't that tolerant. 

I have enough evidence to prove that this isn't so much a campaign any reasonable and politically aware Nigerian ought to be involved in. It's become a desperate cry for power by an undoubtedly politically ignorant, unfortunately sidelined and aggrieved elements mainly from the Eastern region including a handful of displeased young Westerners. 

We are not saying you do not have reasons to be angry with this current government and those previously in power, but this is not the time to throw the child away into the drainage alongside the bathwater. Asiwaju Tinubu is the familiar enemy you need to fix Nigeria. No one gets where Asiwaju is without stepping on toes. There are reasons today a Section of the Fulani power hungry cabal under President Buhari have decided they do not want him near Aso Rock. 

These power drunk cabal will rather betray the agreement of the alliance that brought them to power. There's a reason they've provoked this ongoing rebellion just to cause disaffection in the country against Asiwaju's relentless political train. The question is however, much as we admit that the East has been deprived of power, we should in the same breath ask, what sort of politics has the East played in the last two decades? The political reality is that you cannot chant "Nsogbu Sogbu" war songs and abuse your way to power or make poor political choices nationally over 20yrs and expect power to be served on your table suddenly in a diverse nation like Nigeria. You build alliances to attain power.  Governor Soludo after he was viciously attacked by the irate online "obidient" accidental politicians wrote a long essay on the steps the East must take towards the attainment of real power. 

Clearly, this ongoing tribal presidential campaign is doing all that it can to dent a support base of Southwestern sympathisers who clearly aren't happy that an Easterner has not been privileged to lead Nigeria democratically since late Sir Alexander Ifeanyichukwu Ekweme was Vice President to Shagari. Prof Soludo warned in that beautiful essay that the East should be building a massive regional support base at home, that the East must ensure that it isn't sharing majority of its votes with the bigger and stronger political parties and once that regional political base has been secured, the East must then seek alliances whilst negotiating power sharing with the strongest party which he clearly suggested (and rightly so) would be the APC. 

The truth is, if an Easterner was to lead our nation any time soon, that individual will more than likely require an Asiwaju Tinubu to take him around Nigeria and show him how making political friends could be vital towards the attainment of that goal. The Soludo model is what every "Nsogbu Sogbu" chanter today must read and write on their foreheads. The LP presidential candidate will not stand a chance anytime soon either. Asiwaju, going by his antecedence would have raised for Nigeria, a team of dependable nation builders from the East with visible progressive achievements that our nation irrespective of tribe, tongue and creed would be happy with.

At this point the LP would have been used for a failed spoilers game thereby mortgaging the destiny of that political party that ought to have been the springboard for the emergence of the true and real champion of the Nigerian people today Omoyele Sowore. The political ignorance, immaturity and hatred that has sidelined Sowore is quite an unfortunate one. I guess unfavorable political arithmetic and timing happens. Greater political figures have been victims of such misfortune in our nation. In their cases, Baba Awo and MKO were wildly and widely popular and loved and they were indeed extremely close to clinching that ticket to fix Nigeria. 

The same conspiracy you are witnesses to today also rose quite firsely and devastatingly against them and their bids to save our nation and our people was extinguished right before our eyes. The same must not be allowed to happen to Asiwaju Tinubu who isn't a saint by any means but the best hope for  Nigeria today and the next political dispensation. There's no crime in empowering people who haven't done too well and then deciding to do it yourself. Asiwaju wants to do it himself, he has earned that right through his antecedents.

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