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Friday, January 6, 2023

Why I brake up with Alex Ekubo - Fancy Acholonu finally reveals reasons

By Editor

Fancy Acholu, former fiancee to Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo, has disclosed that the actor asking her to sleep with other men was the major reason she walked out of the engagement. 

Fancy revealed she was not sexually intimate with Alex for the five years they spent together as a couple.

In a recent online interview, the US-based model claimed that Alex refused to be intimate with her in the five years they dated, saying he wanted to be celibate because of his religious beliefs.

Detailing the crash of their engagement, Fancy who opened up to popular blogger, SDK, listed major reasons why she threw everything away to become single again.

According to Fancy, the actor during one of their heated argument had told her, he won’t sleep with her, asking her to go sleep with other men. She added that, it was at that point, she knew he doesn’t love her.

Read except below;

“FANCY – Stella, I had several reasons why I broke up with him. Alexx is extremely narcissistic. The charming personality he shows to everyone was not who he was to me. Behind those smiles of our happy photos, he was always lying, cheating, and gaslighting me. The day after we got engaged, it became worse.

“He then became more controlling, and verbally abusive. We argued so much and it was close to becoming physical, I was scared of his rage.

“I told my sister and documented for record sake in case anything happened. I can’t begin to give details of everything that went wrong for me to call it off. But one major red flag that made me devastated was that he told me he won’t sleep with me but I should go and sleep with other men.

“Imagine telling that to your fiancĂ©e that has kept herself for you for 5 years. At that moment I realized he didn’t truly love me. It started going down hill from there. Emotional abuse.”

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