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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Toyin Amuzu, The Political Lion of Abeokuta South

By Sodiq A. Adeyeri 

The charismatic and humanitarian candidate of Peoples Democratic Party over the months has proven to his federal constituents  his worth and passion to represent them at the Green Chamber in Abuja come 2023

Toyin Amuzu, the Asiwaju Leragun Egba among other candidates across all parties is no doubt the most qualified and the missing link of leadership the premier LGA has been longing to have.

Look at the crowd he pulls and the love shown by the people whenever he steps out. No other candidate has pulled such similar crowd and this is not just happening. Its his passion for the people where he has touched both humans and communities with the zeal to better and improve the well-being of the people.

He has at least a project in every ward in the federal constituency, a feat that no other person in the race has a chance to stand not even those who held political positions or those pushing government projects as their personal projects. The Lion of the South has done all these good gestures even when he has never bagged any political appointment nor elected into any public office. As we know he is not under any obligation to do all he is doing, but for his selflessness, Chief Toyin Amuzu has distinguished himself as none of those seeking political positions to pilfer the patrimony of the people and enrich themselves.

His leadership attributes as a successful estate developer and businessman as well as his contributions to the well-being of the people over the years is enough to notice his good intentions to serve genuinely. The people must rise to ensure he wins come 2023 as he is vying to represent them at the lower chamber of the national assembly.

Toyin Amuzu's victory in 2023 would be a victory for the people who have been clamouring for good governance over the years. Toyin Amuzu will end the decades of mis-governance and low representation in Abeokuta South Federal Constituency. 

S. A. Adeyeri is a Political Analyst

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