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Friday, January 20, 2023

How I bought Benz, built mansion, train my wife to University- Palm wine tapper

By Our Correspondent

A Nigerian man who started tapping palm trees and producing wine at the age of 12 has used it to build a mansion. 

The man named Utobo, who has become a professional tapper, is from Amufi, Enugu Ezike, Enugu state. 

The Enugu palm wine tapper has been described as an inspiration. 

Facebook in a video interaction with popular comedian, Mama Uka, Utobo said he initially stopped the business but nothing else worked for him. 

Professional palm wine tapper buys car He started tapping again when it became clear that palm wine production is his calling. 

Apart from using the business to build a fine house, Utobo has also used it to buy a brand-new Mercedes Benz. 

Man who used palm wine tapping to train his wife in university Utobo's wife also went to school up to the university level and he used the business to train her all through. 

When he was asked the number of trees he currently taps, the native wine merchant said he taps 56 at the moment. 

He said he spends 19 hours daily climbing trees. 

Utobo's story has surprised people who have often regarded wine tapping as a business meant for the poor. 

Eze Chinonso commented: "Wow I have see someone like my father. My Father trained us his 8 children with Palm wine tapping to university level and also built a modern bungalow with it. 

He reach to an extent that kindred begin to envy him that an ordinary Palm wine tapper in village is beating them that are in town." 

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