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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

‘God ‘ll dethrone many leaders in 2023’

The President of Christ For All Souls Ministry, Osogbo, Osun State, Prophet Odedoyin Olawumi Ezekiel, has released his prophesies for the year 2023, claiming that allot of unpleasant occurrences shall be witnessed all around the globe, but only those who believe in the Lord would be saved and also be blessed by the Almighty God.

The man of God, who has in the previous years been churning out accurate prophesies, revealed on 1st of January, 2023 that God will release some people from prison this year, He will enthrone some and He will dethrone some and put them in prison.

The prophesies go this way, “Thus said the Lord of host, I have come to inform you about what will happen in 2023. I love those I love and I hate those I hate. Who was there when I created the heaven, earth and the oceans? Here is the Watchword for this year. This Watchword I will use it to deliver my people. I will use it to uphold my people. I will use it distinguish you among others. I will use it to elevate those who seek to know my name. I will use it to conquer and distinguish you among others.

Here’s is the Watchword: “The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places, yes I have a good inheritance” (Psalm 16:6).

“In this Year 2023, there will be many positive and negative occurrences. Just as I have been telling you every year, I will prove to the whole world that I’m God.

In this year, I will dethrone many leaders and I will prove to them that I’m the God who reign.

In this year, I will take some people to the seat of authority and I will make their children to rule. I will make many ruler to be subjected to the new ones I will bring. I will showcase my children to the world.

In 2023, the last will be the first. In this year I will bring down those who put themselves in my position.

I will reveal many secrets. I will make the people to know that I’m the king of the whole universe.

There will be many fruits.

Use this eatchword very well and it shall be well with you.

To the media and entertainment industry, the prophet said, “In the media sector, I will bring many to my side.

I will allow occurrences to reveal me as the king that rule over the world. There will be many fruits for many, to some it will be sweeter and to many it will be bitter. I will bring many to my side. There will be many rebellions in the world but as many who run to me shall rejoice. I will bless my people this year with lots of testimonies. Even the enemy Will have testimony but for it’s for a while. I will allow storm in some countries.

But as for my people, you will reap for you expected not.

“In Africa, I will allow a great wind and terrible occurrences and also in some other continents.

In Africa, many success will be recorded but there will be famine but I will bring end to it to some extent.

There will be unity in Africa but not all plans will come to fulfilment. In Africa, those who put themselves in position will be dethrone and I will come with a mighty hand to dethrone. 

Security will be weak in Africa and there will be many weeping. I will make many land In Africa to be fertile. I will expose the wicked and the kidnappers. 

I will expose majority of those who call themselves freedom fighter.

“In Nigeria this year, I will uphold my word. Who is able to challenge me? Many prophecy will fail this year to show that I’m the Lord. I will reveal myself to those I will reveal myself. In Nigeria, I will put a stop to tribalism because the nation cannot be divided now.

I’m the God that forgive and I speak through proverb.

In this nation, I will cause some people to fight themselves. I will make some to be imprisoned.

In Nigeria this year, there will be election and no one can take it away. The one I have elected as president, I will make everything to work together for him. I will give him wisdom, I will use him and the devil will also use him but all shall work together for good.

 He will avenge and because of that, I will use him to proclaim my gospel. I will release some people from the prison. I will enthrone some and I will dethrone some and put them in prison. 

I will use the tribunal to judge those that are partial, some will regret, some will weep and some will laugh. But above all, my people will rejoice. The one I elected as president, surrender yourself to him for I’m the one who put him as president.

“To the Christian in the world, your work is not yet sufficient, therefore, work, win souls and raise war against Satan. I unleashed power upon this year. More souls shall be won to my kingdom this year. There will be many challenges but I’m with you. I take all the glory though you will be fought. I will move to the nation I have not been. I can see many temples as the habitation of Satan but many have fallen.

Let there be repentance for many temple will be the habitation of Satan. I’m no more there.

“I will expose many things in the Christian body. I can see more separation among you because majority among you are of the devil. Many of you eat on devil’s table. I will disgrace many who don’t believe in my name. Many secret of the leaders shall be exposed.

I do not think like a human.I will turn to you if you turn back to me.”

And to the church, God said they should should continue with the work of God saying “Continue with your work for me but let it be diligent because your work is not enough for me. I decree more wisdom, knowledge, power and gifts. For my church, I have raised many helpers. Get prepared for international connection even as I have promised last year.

I bring more fulfilment, be ye fruitful to me. There will be more challenges this year but I have overcome them.
I will use those challenges as ladders to your greatness.

“I see among you those who will run after the world except the ones who have me in them. I will increase you, rejoice my servants it’s a year of fulfilment, testimony and abundant grace for my church. I will surprise you , you will win more souls and there will be many signs and wonders.”

“I will use my servant to reveal many secrets and many of the leaders shall bow this year. Amend your ways and allow nothing to enter you through loopholes.

My doctrine cannot be changed, flee from sin and uphold my law in various assembly. Teach them the truth without hiding anything for I have chosen you, deliver, do unusual thing, tear apart, uphold, I will uphold, establish and I will establish, uproot and I will uproot. I will do whatever you ask me to do. I’m that I’m and I will allow the little ones to do wonders. My ambassadors are all over the world. My people be humbled so that All power, gifts that I have given to you will not be misused. Use it well for me. Raise to position of authority and I will do Same. Those that have fallen, watch them I will bring many of them back to me.”

Source: Vanguard 

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