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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Chieftaincy tussle: Oluwo Igbore alleged threat to life

.... accuses Alhaji Aro, 7 others of masterminding the threat

By Peter Adedoyin

The Oluwo of Igbore township of Abeokuta, Chief Olayiwola Oliyide has appealed to Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Lanre Bankole to save his life and other members of Igbore Traditional Council from one Alhaji Shuaibu Aro and others.

Chief Oliyide, in a petition addressed to the State Commissioner of Police, copy of which was obtained by our Correspondent, listed other persons accused of threatening their lives to include; Awaye Olusegun, Alhaji Suleiman Kazeem, Mr. Rafiu Adeboye, Mr. Sakiru Ogunbodede, Chief Akeem Oladehinde, Chief Olusegun Sokeye and Mr. Kesinro Akeem. 

He accused them of threat to live, forceful lockup of Ogboni Igbore Traditional House, malicious damage to Ogboni House and causing public unrest.

The petition read, "I am constrained to bring to your good office the above mentioned complaint against the above listed people".

"Sir, I am Chief Anthony Olayiwola Oliyide, Oluwo of lgbore. l am 82 years of age. I have been in the position of Oluwo lgbore for the past 30 years without any problem".

"On 29th December 2022, I and lgbore Traditional Council came to observe our normal 17 days traditional rights in lgbore Traditional Council House and discovered with dismay that the above mentioned people have organized themselves, armed with machetes, dane guns and other dangerous weapons with the aim to prevent us from practicing our normal 17 days traditional rights in the lgbore Traditional Council House".

"We came in large numbers but when I saw that those miscreants stationed in the lgbore traditional house were ready to kill, I instructed my own people to retreat from the place and with my people went to the Area Command Office at Oke-llewo to report, The Area Commander advised us to go to lbara Police Station, which we did but when the Police from Ibara came to the place and saw the thugs, they advised us to leave the premises". 

"It is our belief that the thugs overwhelmed the Police as the miscreants demonstrated that they are above the law".

"To my greatest surprise, I was served a letter of "Removal as Oluwo Igbore" together with my Apena Igbore; Chief Anthony Ogunseye. I have attached the letters for your perusal".

"It is pertinent to know that Igbore Traditional Council is under the constituted authority of Alake of Egbaland. No group of Chiefs or individuals have the authority to remove me as Oluwo lgbore without following due process, by passing through the Alake of Egbaland".

"For the past 30 years that I have been in the position of Oluwo, lgbore town has been peaceful as I have made eight Baales to become coronet Obas in lgbore".

"On 29th December 2022, the above listed people decided to disrupt the existing peace in the land by preventing lgbore Traditional Council from entering lgbore Traditional House and serving me a letter of removal as Oluwo. To crown their devilish plan, they brought "oro" out at midnight illegally threatening to kill me and other traditional Chiefs and members of the community that stood against their actions".

"With this ugly development, it is clear that these people are out to cause trouble and create anarchy, panic and fear in lgbore community, They equally sealed the Traditional House illegally. My life has been in danger as unknown persons are monitoring my movement".

"My appeal to you sir, is to save our soul and the entire lgbore Traditional Council from these power hungry people mentioned above and prevent them from destroying the current peace experienced in Igbore community for the past 30 years by ordering them to open the forcefully locked up Ogboni lgbore Traditional House and to stop taking laws into their hands by issuing unlawful letters of removal as Oluwo". 

"We are law abiding citizens of Igbore. I will continue to maintain peace in the community as the Oluwo of Igbore pending your fatherly intervention in the matter".

"Please act swiftly, to avoid unnecessary and preventable community unrest and ultimately bloodshed as these people are desperate to kill me and my Chiefs".

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