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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

My Critical Yoruba Race / The Difference Between Tinubu, Atiku And Obi

By Victor Olusegun Oluwole 

I love my race, the Yoruba race hmmmm! Our people are so enlightened educated  and extremely exposed, sometimes, I think we are too exposed, too critical and too free spirited for our own good. This isn't a new trait by the way, a critical mind is injected in your DNA from birth. Your parents harass and whoop you till you adhere to their instructions. 

They even falsely accuse you of joining gangs, smoking and taking drug just to assess your reaction. As for the girls, growing up wasn't easy too they were accused of all sorts mostly related to going around with boys. We learned distrust from our parents so, if you can't find a place in your heart to trust that Asiwaju towers well above those you've picked to believe ahead of him irrespective of his shortcomings and accusations yet unproven against him, we can understand. The basis upon which you've picked any of the two other candidates above him are utterly ridiculously laughable to me.

You also sometimes receive sudden unexpected brain resetting slaps when you fall short of certain expectations.  In fact, it's almost a thing of pride and honour to have been a recipient of some of those slaps. It's another way of commending our "no nonsense" patents especially our mother's for training us well. I don't understand why it is a bigger crime to back Tinubu than it is to back Atiku for example, a man whose boss wrote a whole book about his atrocities and clearly stated indelibly in his memoirs that his former VP must never be trusted. I am still waiting to really hear from anyone why I must pick an Obi who serially deliberately spews lies quoting dangerously spectacularly wrong figures and still confidently asking you to "go and verify" over Tinubu. Where is or are the verifiable legacies he left behind in Anambra after two terms in office?.

Quite ironic isn't it, if it were  today, those mums may have been charged with assault on their own children. Even much more mysterious is the unconditional and unbridled love we still have for our parents. It is also shocking to see how gentle and loving they are towards us today. No Nigerian Yoruba parent in the 70/80s or even 90s in some cases will openly or even privately tell you they love you. That's how cold they all were looool. No other race is as critical and distrustful as the Yoruba race especially towards other Yorubas. Someone once told a joke about a gentleman who  applied for a job and here's What happened when the conditions for employment were read out to him at the interview :- 

Interviewer : Mr Uzor, the interviewer called, the sort of person we need for this security role is someone with a critical and highly suspicious mind, the applicant must be extremely difficult to please and instinctively distrustful, he or she must have a sharp and vigilant mind always ready for a fight even when not provoked. Clearly Mr Uzor, you personally don't seem to fit this bill sir and you do  not even have a Yoruba origin, am afraid we can't offer you this security role sir

Mr Uzor : Ha! Not to worry sir, I'm actually only applying on behalf of my Yoruba Mother-in-law, trust me she's got all those required skills and qualities. 

On a serious note, it's time for most of our people to pipe down a little. Tinubu is the most criticised and most vilified candidate contesting to be president of Nigeria today. Even the Yoruba man he elevated to be Vice President has so far, found it easier to be loyal to the Fulani boss he was placed under but would probably die rather than back his former principal's ambition. You see! That's who we are. He, the Vice President likes it or not, Asiwaju clearly is the most prepared of the lot, it is why he and the rest of the other contestants were thoroughly trashed at Eagle Square. Tinubu, clearly is the one with the best track record yet, some of our free minded Yoruba people would rather pick some mediocre candidate over him. 

An objectively critical assessment of our prevailing political situation will reveal to you that most of the people who are backing the third force candidate have something in common and that's almost the first thing you notice. They are also happy to shut their eyes from the conspicuous shortcomings of their candidate of choice and attack Tinubu with vile hatred. 

I was on Regina Askia's page where she'd posted an advert by Omoyele Sowore (the candidate young Nigerians ought to be rooting for if indeed true change from the old is what we want) where he was soliciting for Nigerians to fund his campaign with a little as a thousand Naira. You should see the disgusting out pouring of untamed unadulterated hatred in the comments section. She was accused of being anti Igbo, "you've never supported any Igbo cause" someone wrote. I later watched a video of Regina threatening to take down the post, I hope she didn't. 

Let's just be honest with ourselves, apart from the Yoruba free spirited and critical minded lot amongst you, the rest of you are honestly fighting an ethnic war with this election even though the arithmetic does not add up given the very daunting requirements you must meet electorally to be president. Yes, we must have an Igbo President one day if Nigeria remains undivided but your candidate today does not fit that bill, at least not above Tinubu. 

I am glad someone actually asked him to clear the air about his personal records and he did before the entire world stating verifiable facts, he even asked if she was happy with the response. However, since that question was asked and answers were given to nail those doubts up and bury them, these so called educated elites are still all over the place moaning and crying. You can all "go and verify" all the answers he gave can't you? At least you're educated and knowledgeable enough to chase and ferret the needed facts and expose him. Afterall, you're all used to "going to verify".

Little wonder the third force candidate appeals to them. I think some of our people are just so bloody lazy. So lazy they failed to "go and verify" all the lies and catastrophically incoherent figures that candidate has been cooking up and spewing. If they have only taken the time to "go and verify" like he has been telling them to as against just screaming with irresponsible euphoria like some people jump and scream with excitement when Hon. Patrick Obiagbon speaks, like they can comprehend a line of what he says. 

Let me be very clear, even though I have been adamant about not openly backing anyone of our present presidential candidates, I am now quite convinced and considering switching that stance. You must all really be out of your minds to think that this third force candidate is the best for Nigeria. Just in case we can't go extremely radical and completely break Nigeria's political table by backing a Sowore for instance to lead our nation, and as long as we are still happy as a people to stick with the old which includes Asiwaju Tinubu, VP Atiku, and Gov Obi then, Asiwaju is that old I want to stick with based on his track record. It will be beautiful to see the young leaders he will build to take over leadership in Nigeria after he's served his term. 

It is absolutely ridiculous to have the above options and then pick an Atiku or worse still, pick a Peter Obi ahead of Tinubu. Your emotionally charged tribal politics will not heal Nigeria, your ability to place a visionary leader in power through equitable regional power sharing  is what will heal our nation. It is why I have always argued that it's got to be the Southern Region for me but certainly not an Obi because I am not convinced he's got the capacity to lead Nigeria.

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