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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Swimming pool safety tips every parent should know

The warmer weather and hotter season usually drive people towards swimming but everyone — adults or children — should take note of swimming pool safety rules.

It is very pertinent for parents or adults to realise that as their children will be spending time at a swimming facility or residential pool, they must share some important pool safety rules with them.

Here are 10 important swimming pool safety tips for parents to know and share with their family members, especially kids.

1. Walk, don’t run near the swimming pool

It is very important for everyone to know that the number one pool safety rule is to never, ever run near a swimming pool.

Running can cause one to slip, fall into the pool and drown or result in serious injuries.

2. Listen to instructions and obey pool rules

There are some public rules guiding swimming in the pools. It is very germane to respect them. Some of these rules may include the usage of certain kits. Always obey the pool rules.

3. Don’t dive into the shallow ends

Diving into the pool can cause injuries that have lifetime consequences. So, it is advisable to only dive into selected areas.

Never dive into an above-ground pool. It is one vital tip everyone must know and strictly adhere to.

4. No roughhousing

Parents should warn their children against roughhousing. Drowning incidents can occur during playing in the swimming pool, especially with young children.

There should be no jumping on each other in the pool or holding anyone underwater.

5. Don’t play around drains and covers

Even when properly equipped, pool drains and covers can be hazardous. Nobody should play near drains or suctions.

Entrapments happen when someone or something becomes stuck to these drains or suctions. They portend a serious risk to young children who are too small to break away.

If you are a pool owner, inspect your drains and covers regularly to ensure proper function.

6. Don’t swim alone

No one should swim alone and children should not be left in the pool without supervision. Even when they are deemed to be accomplished swimmers, it is advisable that adults be there to guide them.

Drowning accidents are hugely more likely to happen when the victim is alone or unsupervised.

7. Sun safety is part of the deal

Always wear sunscreen when swimming outdoors and wear appropriate clothing poolside. This is especially important for kids.

8. Use pool safety equipment properly

Pool safety equipment should not be used as toys. Parents should ensure that all equipment is well maintained and available for proper use whenever necessary.

9. Get out of the pool and stay inside when storms threaten

It is hazardous to be in a swimming pool when storms loom. Lightning can strike suddenly, even in the absence of rain or with an apparent blue sky.

Look for a safe place to take cover when a storm approaches and remain out of the water until at least 30 minutes after the last lightning is sighted or thunder heard.

10. Know how to respond in an emergency

Parents and caregivers should know the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid.

Always have a phone available to communicate. Children should be taught to notify an adult immediately if anyone is having difficulty in the water.

Bonus safety measure: Construction of pool fence

Construction of a fence around the swimming pool is one of the best safety tips to be considered and practised by parents.

It puts minds at rest even when children are playing around.

The safest pool fence is an ornamental iron fence. This fence has a rigid installation and is solid. It can be erected permanently so that when children come out of the house they will know there is a barrier around the pool.

Also, it should be, at least, four feet high, have a self-latching entrance and be without openings.

Source: Vanguard

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