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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Suspension of Obas: Ogboni Fraternity Backs Adeleke

.....warns Yoruba Govs over arbitrary appointments of traditional rulers

By Editor

The spiritual and traditional head of the Ogboni Fraternity Worldwide, Oba Abdul Olakisan, has warned governors of all Yoruba-speaking states against placing political considerations above the time-tested principles and processes of selecting traditional rulers in Yorubaland.

Oba Olakisan sent out the warning while reacting to the suspension of three traditional rulers, by Governor Ademola Adeleke, less than 24 hours after taking office.

According to Olakisan, “the embarrassing situation would have been avoided had the former governor (Alhaji Adegboyega Oyetola) followed the Yoruba traditional ways of selecting Obas". 

"Yoruba hold their tradition, culture and values sacrosanct when taking a crucial decision as selection an Oba".

“There are rules, regulations and traditional rites that must be followed before reaching a decision. Any breach of such rules can spell doom for the town or community. Question is: Did Oyetola follow due processing the appointment of these Obas? If he did, there would not have been this crisis.”

Oba Olakisan chastised governors who based appointment of traditional rulers on sentiment and politics, saying such always have negative effects on the communities and the people.

The head of the Ogboni fraternity also enjoined Governors to allow the Ogbonis appoint traditional rulers in line with Ifa divination as laid down by the culture and tradition of the Yoruba race.

He said many of the crises experienced in Yoruba land can be traced to arbitrary selection and appointment of traditional rulers.

Olakisan noted that consultation of Ifa Oracle is a condition precedent in the selection of traditional ruler in any Yoruba community, while the installation is to be done by the Ogbonis.

He condemned the recent appointment of traditional rulers in Osun State carried out by the immediate past administration of Alhaji Adegboyega Oyetola where traditional rulers were presented the staff of office at the state government secretariat as against the palace.

Therefore, for peace to return to the troubled communities embedded in royal rumble across Yoruba land, Oba Olakisan stressed the need to appease the gods in the affected communities.

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