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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Okada Ban: Taskforce impound, destroy 356 bikes

By Editor

It was an emotional scene on Wednesday in Abuja as angry commercial motorcyclists, popularly known as Okada, watched helplessly as their over 356 impounded motorcycles were crushed by officials of the Federal Capital Territory Administration FCTA.

While the FCTA has not pronounced a blanket ban on commercial motorcycle operations, there are districts where they are not allowed to operate. 

Notwithstanding the restrictions, defiant bike owners and operators have remained adamant in flouting the partial ban.

The massive raids through highbrow Guzape and Durumi districts, Airport road-Lugbe and Kubwa were supported by defence and security forces.

Senior Special Assistant to the FCT Minister on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement, Attah Ikharo said the Minister is worried about the flagrant attitude of the operators who violate traffic rules.

He said the administration only allowed them to operate in interior villages and estates, where possible, but they have continued to violate the restrictions with arrogance and incessant violent attacks on enforcement officers.

"This operation is a signature project and a decision of the FCTA Security Committee. They agreed that we should go back to massive enforcement of the ban on commercial motorcycles in the Federal Capital City as well as some strategic locations, like the airport road and Kubwa where they have become a big threat to the people.

"We have brought the 356 motorcycles here in Area 1 for immediate crushing because the menace cannot continue. We have gotten complaints daily about Okada riders across the city.

"The operation cannot be said to be high handed because since 2006 when the ban started, the impounded bikes hardly get back to them. The Minister has given us a marching order to impound and crush in the full glare of everybody to avoid the allegation that the bikes were seized and given to somebody else. 

"They have been asked to leave the Federal Capital City and they are here wrecking havoc, committing crimes and killing people.

"Last week in Durumi, a personnel in uniform was stabbed and killed, another officer was also stabbed on the head by these same characters, the Okada riders. We have gotten a forfeiture orders for all of these", he added.

Also Speaking, the Mandate Secretary, FCTA Transport Secretariat, Abdullahi Candido noted that if the commercial motorcyclists continue to defy all government's entreaties to them, by allowing them to operate within designated routes, they will continue to suffer losses. 

In his remarks, the Director, Directorate of Road Traffic Services ( DRTS ), Dr. Abdulateef Bello said the operation being the second outing of the joint task team "was to ensure that we clean up commercial motorcycles from the City centre".

He reiterated the need for Okada riders to obey traffic rules and all other regulations that will make them acceptable in the areas where their operations are permissible.

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