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Sunday, November 27, 2022

How my husband collapsed, died after we finished sleeping together -- Wife

Susan from Naivasha has narrated how she slept with her husband one night and after they were done he collapsed and died she thought he was sleeping until morning when she woke him up but he didn’t wake up.

She was born and raised in Murang’a by a single mother after her dad died when she was still young. 

She didn’t school since her mother couldn’t afford to educate her. 

When she was 15 she run away from home and was later employed as a house help.

After 2 years, she met a man who married her and took her to the village which was in Nyandarua county. 

They were doing manual jobs for survival and her married life was good. 

When she gave birth to her third born, her husband started convulsing and when taken to the hospital no disease was identified.

Life become hard since he used to collapse almost every day. One day, they went to work and returned home in the evening. 

She prepared dinner and they eat well and later put the kids to sleep. 

They later went to bed at around 10 pm and her husband requested she sleep with him.

They slept together and after they were done he immediately slept. 

Susan didn’t know that he had collapsed and died. 

In the morning she woke up prepared for the kids to go to school and later went to wake her husband. 

She tried shaking him but he didn’t respond.

She called her mother-in-law who was living near them and confirmed that he was dead. 

She was shocked and couldn’t believe it. 

They followed the process and buried him. 

Her mother-in-law kicked her out on the day they buried her husband.

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