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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Nigeria @,62: Nothing to celebrate -- Labour Party

 By Editor

As Nigerians celebrate the 62nd Independence anniversary of their nation, 
Labour Party has said that there is nothing worth celebrating, saying that President Muhammadu Buhari led government has mortgaged the country by his cluelessness, corruption and incompetence.
Labour Party in a press statement on the country's anniversary, said "the calamity and great misfortune of voting APC into governance of the Country gave the party the opportunity to put the country on auction by its grossly irresponsible governance".

The statement signed by the Labour Party's National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Arabambi Abayomi insisted that: "In all considerations , the country has absolutely nothing to celebrate".

He noted that "rather, a larger part of the  over - tressed population are gnashing their teeth as they struggle to exist among various loads of avoidable sufferings".

Arabambi said, "in every sector of national governance, the APC has scored zero. Yes, zero.

"In the last seven years of APC's government, not a single sector scored any form of improvement, but rather it has been solely records of total failure”, the Labour Party spokesman said.

Listing the scorecard of the party, Arabambi said "APC in security scored zero. In,".

He noted that "Nigeria remained the most endowed in Africa with a population of over 200million blessed with richness naturally,  a nation blessed with very great potentials in human capital despite APC's mismanagement".

"Nigeria has upon all of these been led by the APC into becoming  a nation now tottering on the edge of  bankruptcy , just a step away from becoming a failed nation".

He said "Nigerians are highly valued across the world in the field of science and technology , innovation , academia , music and what have you and therefore has no business with becoming citizens of a failed nation".

Arabambi pointed out that all of the current challenges the nation faces are brought on by the inefficiency and corruption of the APC which could have been avoided were the APC government competent.

He said it is the patriotic duty of all responsible citizens in or outside the country to be highly concerned enough to join the ongoing nationwide efforts to save Nigeria by removing the political cancer called APC.

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