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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Governance failure responsible for 'Japa syndrome' - CERON replies Sen. Amosun

By Editor

The  Campaign for Equal Rights and Opportunities for all Nigerians (CERON), has blamed the mass migration of young Nigerians to foreign countries in search of education and greener pastures on governance failure.

The group stressed that Nigerians were left with no other option given the bad policies' induced downturn that had left the Nigerian economy on its knees.

The Secretary of CERON, Mr. Francis Odiir made the assertion while reacting to a recent comment by the former governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun who while expressing disgust over the trend of ‘Japa’ (migration to other countries) by Nigerians, during a BBC yourba interview said it was wicked for foreign countries to grant visas to talented Nigerian youths.

The former governor was quoted as saying, "I am seeing the countries granting visas to our youths as wicked because they are not considering the origin nation, from which their prospective labour force are coming from."

Reacting to the comment, the Secretary of CERON, insisted that Nigerians were being compelled to leave the country because "the present Nigerian government has failed in its responsibilities to the Nigerian people.

"How do you expect our youths to remain in a country where a government would allow public universities to remain shut for eight months without considering the implications to the human capital development of the country.

"A government that has not given anybody hope, s government whose policies have turned our country into the poverty capital of the world. A government that has presided over the thumbling of the Naira making it one of the weakest currencies in the continent.

"This is a government where officials have their children living and schooling overseas in the best universities while the universities where the masses have their children are allowed to rot away due to under funding.

"This is a country were our leaders would come out to decry the migration of talented Nigerians but their own children are in foreign land; what hypocrisy.

"Senator Amosun should know that his party the All Progressives Congress, APC, should be held responsible for the Japa syndrome because it was not like this before the coming of the APC government, and if they do not want Nigerians to Japa they should give Nigerians good governance where the ordinary citizen can live happily and be proud to be citizens of Nigerian. If that is not done, I am sorry to say, more talented Nigerians will leave the country to where they would be better appreciated."

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