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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Flood sweeps away 4-yr old boy in Ibadan

...As rain pulls off ancient Mapo hall roof

By Our Correspondent

A four-year old boy, name withheld, has been swept away by a downpour that lasted for several hours in Ibadan, Oyo State, late Tuesday night.

The torrential rain, which started around 4pm in different parts of the town, stopped at about 8pm and began again around few minutes to 10:30pm, destroying farmlands and blew off many houses' roofs, including ancient Mapo hall at Oja'ba.

Investigations revealed that the incident happened at Orogun in Akinyele Local Government area of the state when the boy and his mother were returning from shop.

A family source who preferred anonymity said the mother and her son were trying to manoveuer the waves of flood on a bridge at Orogun when the victim suddenly slid down and washed away by the flood.

Some of the areas affected by heavy rain include Akuo-Apapa, Moniya, Olosa-Oko, Ajibade, Orogun, Mapo, Beere, Oremeji among others.

Eye witnesses told our correspondent that some of the buildings were affected as a result of poor condition of infrastructure.

It was further gathered that some residents have abandoned their places of abode and currently taking refuge at nearby houses or relation.

A 78-year old widow, Mrs. Kosenatu Raifu, whose house's roof was pulled off, said she had never experienced such since she has been staying in the house for the past 40 years. 

Mrs. Raifu, who resides at Akuo-Apapa, therefore, called on both the local and state governments to come to their aids.

Also, Alhaja Agbamola, said she just renovated the building after it was razed by inferno in 2019. She also appealed to governments to assist the victims.

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