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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter: Reflect on Nigeria's unity, removal of bad leaders, Toyin Amuzu urges Christians

By Adetutu Adesanya

A community leader and an aspirant of the People's Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Toyin amuzu has called on Christians to use this Easter period to reflect and pray for the unity of Nigeria as well as the removal of bad leadership in the Country. 

Chief Toyin Amuzu who is vying to represent Abeokuta South Federal Constituency as a member of the House of Representatives come 2023, said these prayers are necessary to bring in a new crop of leaders that would have the fear of God and sympathy for the masses.

He stressed that the action must be followed by registering and securing the voters card needed to elect credible candidates that would be ready to serve selflessly, saying "sacrifice was a major message of Easter as exemplified by Christ thus we must sacrifice to see a better Nation". 

Chief Amuzu who explained that happenings in the Country is so fearful, said "the level of insecurity, poverty and joblessness among others are creating hopelessness and calls for concern". He said, "those at the helms of affairs at present are not showing any serious concern to stem the backward trend, but seems to be more interested in holding on to power, thus the need to be decisive and take our destinies in our hands".  

Chief Amuzu said, "if we must start afresh and be saved from the myriad of problems confronting us, we as a people must not only take the 2023 elections serious but must all participate and see it as a period to save Nigeria from further disintegration".

He explained that "God has bestowed on us necessary resources, it is now in our hands to use for our own good. We have failed woefully to use such resources for the good of all because of greed, incompetence, corruption, un-patriotism and i-dont-care-attitude all caused by bad leadership". 

Chief Amuzu, urged all faithfuls to use this Easter period as a time to have sober reflections, pray for the atonement of sins, the good of the Nation, the well-being of the people and the purging of bad leadership.

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