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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Action Alliance suspends National Chairman

..... begins probe 

By Our Correspondent

All is not going well with the Action Alliance, following the decision of its National Think Tank Committee (NTTC) to slam a 21-day suspension on its National Chairman, Hon. Adekunle Omoaje over allegation of bad leadership.

Chairman of the party's Board of Trustees (BoT), Dr Samuel Adeyemi, who disclosed this while briefing journalists in Abuja, said the suspension of the national chairman was necessary  to freely audit the books of the party.

According to him, the decision to investigate the chairman and some members of his executive was adopted after the NTTC meeting in Abuja, where it was agreed that the current National Chairman and other executive members of the party would be suspended over their alleged undemocratic activities.

Also, an aggrieved member of the BoT from Imo state, Chief Okadike Chinedu, accused the suspended National Chairman of highhandedness and political rascality. 

He said; "The party is in lack of a national chairman. Even though we claim to have one, he is not behaving as such. You don't treat people like rascals, as if they are not human beings and as if he didn't beg before he got to that position. See, nobody is interested in claiming the office of the national chairman but a national chairman must be checkmated.

"You can't live and do things as if you were a demi-god. You can imagine a national chairman who if he is questioned, he will challenge you and threaten to remove you from the party. Who gave him such right?

"Over N20 million has passed through this party, yet, he has done nothing with it. He was not able to raise a secretariat.

"A man who wanted to single handedly change the name of our party from Action Alliance to Action group. If you doubt me, I have proofs. This committee that has been set up will further reveal all his shady deals. Different reports as a result of the investigation will come out and by that we shall know who is saying the truth. A lot of water has gone under the bridge. We must investigate this to enable us have a better comprehension of what is ongoing."

However, a member of the committee and Southwest leader of the party who is loyal to the suspended National Chairman, Hon. Adewole Joshua, said it was unreasonable as well as unjust for the party to suspend the national chairman in a hurry without first comprehending his misdeeds. 

"Lke I said, when a child has headache, you don't remove the head of the child. You get a medicine that will cure the sick state of that child. If anything has happened, the proper thing to do is to investigate first before suspending the person in question. It is untraditional to suspend a person before investigating. When something happens, you don't go and suspend the person. You must find that person guilty before suspending him. 

"If this money in question was single handedly collected by the national chairman, it is another thing but this money they are talking about which is in millions, they need to ask the proper questions which they haven't done."

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