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Thursday, December 16, 2021

How Kolawole Adejojo, is bringing life back to the forgotten through his innovative programme "Street Voices with Kasnaty"

Kolawole Atanda Adejojo, popularly called "Kasnaty Sugar", is a household name in the Broadcast Industry and he is a member of the Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria, Ogun State Chapter. He has pioneered a unique show powered by the social media, through which God is using him to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged, especially the forgotten, including the aged. In this encounter, he spoke about the genesis of show how the show has been used to bless many people in the society and what his future plans are. Excerpts:

You are the producer of street voices with Kasnaty on Facebook, which runs on the social media platforms, what is the idea behind this innovative programme?

I love to be creative. At the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic; that time, I went out to give report about what was happening in different parts of the state. Before that ten years ago, there was a programme called "Street Voices with Kasnaty", that is taking radio to the people; having people to come, asking people to come and see how we do it on radio. So, during that covid-19, I said let me go and take radio to the people. So, I now started moving from one place to the other to give reports about what was happening in different parts of the state. You recalled that then, there was the lockkdown as government totally restricted the movement of the people and we went to check if people were really complying. Were they really covering their noses as the government directed. That was how it all started.

We noticed that your programme "Street voice with Kasnaty on Facebook" is more of humanitarian gesture as it is used to alleviate people's suffering, what does it mean, pioneering this type of Broadcast Journalism and where are you taking this dream to?

Honestly, God is the one directing the programme. It would be according to God's direction and instructions, because the programme is beyond my thinking; it is beyond my knowledge. And, I believe, God is taking us higher than we can even imagine.

Give us a load down of some of the activities that Street Voice has undertaken and some of the notable people the programme has touched positively?

Street voice with Kasnaty on Facebook is almost nineteen months now and we had one year anniversary at Lepers Colony. That was when we bought uniform attire for all the lepers at the Colony. Also, Street Voice with Kasnaty has celebrated Prophet Israel Ogundipe when he was in prison. We held an elaborate Birthday party for him, which cost over 10 million naira. And, on that day, someone even presented him a Prado Jeep, 2020 Model, worth N60 Million naira. So, this programme has trasversed the entire South West.

From Ibadan to Akure, Osogbo and all that. Through this programme, people have built house for someone in Ibadan. Through this programme, we have helped to established over 200 market women. We have touched so many lives. I recall the story of "Mama Saheed Oniroba" . I met one man under the bridge, he was 77 years old and he has been sleeping under the bridge for seven months. 

Through, the programme, the person got back home; through this programme, we had met an Okada rider who needed money to balance for his motorcycle and we brought his plight to the attention of people and he was assisted. I recall the how the programme was used to bless Adewole Oniluola, the Lead drummer of Ayinla Omo Wura , before his demise. Also, Yekini Oloyede, Baba Legba before his demise had been blessed through this programme. Later, we moved in to assist Papa Ajirebi, Tafa Oloyede and now Pa Tunbosun Odunsi, popularly know as "Baba Amoye". 

Through this programme, Baba Amoye is now a proud owner of a brand new car worth 2.4 Million naira. And, we had our end of the year party with about 150 elederly people where we distributed free uniform attire to them with the sewing cost fully paid and some people also went home with cash prices ranging from N50,000, N30,000, walking sticks, food items and so on while each attendees went home with N5,000 naira each.

In terms of support how much are you getting from members of the public? 

In terms of support, members of the public in Nigeria do not support my show at all. That's just the truth. I can say that I have just 1% support in Nigeria and 99% of our supporters are from abroad. Even the 1% In Nigeria is not constant.

The story of Papa Odunsi popularly called Baba Amoye who you vowed to make a car owner and you did not relent until the dream come true is particularly touching, you want to share this with our listeners?

Concerning Baba Amoye, I have been looking for the man for over six months. So, when I got to his house, I observed that his vehicle had a bad tire and I said to myself, we can help this old man change the tire of his vehicle. And, peope started taking up the challenge that they will buy the tire. And, I later said, why not kuku buy a new car for this old man. That was it and God said yes to that.

How many States in the South West have you covered so far? 

In this South- West, there is no state I have not being to, name it, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Kwara. I have toured the entire South West.

Tell us about some of your supporters especially those residents abroad and how do you ensure transparency in what you do?

I have so many people that are supporting me. Each time we run the show, we have new supporters. I won't say that I have someone that is a major sponsor. I have a lot of supporters abroad. Don't let me mention names so that I will not offend some people. I have so man of them and I am transparent with them. Once they asked that we give someone money, I immediately, cash it and let the world see it, this is the money I was asked to give to you..

Who is Kolawole Adejojo? 

My name is Kolawole Adejojo. I am from Osun State, but my mother is from Ogun State. I was brought up in Lagos State before moving to Ogun State. I started broadcasting around the year 2004. I later joined Yemi Sonde who is the person that trained me; sent me to FRCN Training School. I started my careeer from OGBC and I also run programme on other stations. But, mind you, I am still under training.

Your message to your supporters, promoters and the general public. 

My message to the people supporting me is that, may God continue to be with them. My message to the general public is that, Don't let us continue to wait for the government. We can start from our own Community. We can visit someone today. If you observe that someone is not OK, and you have, there is nothing stopping you from assisting such people. 

There was a woman I met at Panseke begging for alms and I looked at her condition and I asked why and she said it is for her to be able to take care of her children and through our programme, the woman was established. Also, there is a man named "Taye Tapa", he is blind and we were able to help him establish a business and he was able able get a wife. And, so on and so forth. So, my message to the public is that that please , let us be kind to one another. My name again is Kolawole Atanda Adejojo.

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