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Monday, November 29, 2021

Mark Kutcher's art of deceit exposed

On October 6, 2020, NextGen Mining, a company with over 75 years of collective experience of prospecting, exploration and mining of precious metals in Nevada, entered into a Letter of Intent (JMX LOI) with JMX, LLC for the Jessie Project located in Nevada. 

The LOI expired on February 2, 2021. The Company has a lawsuit pending in the Second Judicial District Count of the State of Nevada and for the County of Washoe against JMX, LLC, Donn Gunn, Mark Kucher and Thomas Mancuso, former Managing Director for breach of contract and fiduciary duties relating to JMX LOI. The lawsuit is still ongoing as of August 2021. 


Mark D. Kucher, Advisory Board
Mr. Kucher brings over 35 years of mining investment banking, company creation and shareholder wealth creation. He is currently the Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of the Bank of Nevis International
Shell Summary for Oct. 15, 2019 - PressReader
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16 Oct 2019 — The eighth shareholder of DLP is Mark Kucher. ..In February 2019, he became a managing partner of Bank of Nevis International, a bank...

So KUCHER became a managing partner in BONI in 2019? Is that possible? BONI was wholly owned by Bank of Nevis Limited then and there is no mention of a Mark Kucher in their financials for that year. 

So, did Kucher make a statement to the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) that he knew was not true and all because he wanted boost his corporate profile to benefit himself on the Board of DLP? The TSX should please tell us.
NEVIS people beware there a waah wolf among yuh He’s coming tuh tek everything. Yuh job yuh haad wuk an laba him wa lef yuh wid nuttin. Empty cupboard frustration an tears.

Dis elderly man who like di jink a likkle too much is among yuh suh beware. Bad mind, ongle fi himself. Always ongle fi himself. Kucha fos everyone else laas.

Mark Kucha dem kno him inna Nevada dem kno him inna Canada. Be careful Be careful him ave a lang history of legal cases an nearly all always bout funds breach of contract.
He’s fooling yuh him cyaa fool di people him run away from
Nevis people open yuh eyes St kitts people open yuh eyes!

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